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Convention Listing for Gloom-E-Girls / E-Girls / E-Games / Anime and Other Convention Types

These site's are currently blank and could use some Gloom-E-Girls' Help to make them the Be-All-End-All for

EGames/ESports and Other types of Conventions Information.

EMail -> wcraig at omgi dot ca

Please signup to and join in the fun, group E-Girls and E-Sports is there,

this is a non profit for fun website

also check out the irc server -> 'irc dot e-girls dot ca' which if yu don't have a client, for windows try mIRC or for linux either BitchX or ircii [hard to find these days] and join channel #egirls or #gloomegirls ..

the server was setup by me for lauren and julia burch gloom-e-girls' .. ;)

email me -> 'wcraig dot omg-int dot com'

Chaotic Chipmunk

Owner of http://Convention.International/

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